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Chris Causey

Very very helpful.
One question on the NFPA 285 and IBC section 2603.5.5, If a building is type 1-4 one story and it were to comply with NFPA 285 wall system, would there every be a case where this would allow the elimination of a sprinkler system?

Ron Geren

@Chris Causey - Mandatory sprinkler provisions are based primarily on occupancy groups in Chapter 9, Section 903.2. Sprinklers may be added as a trade-off for other requirements, such as an increase in height and area, but there are no exceptions that permit the use of an NFPA 285-tested assembly in lieu of a sprinkler system.

The IBC does allow for alternate materials, methods, and construction in Section 104, so it is possible to present that as an alternate method, but I seriously doubt that it would be approved.

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