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Liz O'Sullivan

Great post! I was wondering if I was the only person who had problems specifying carpet!

Standards would be good.

I think that some manufacturers fear that if they standardize, they'll end up getting PURCHASED LESS, because they won't be able to lock others out of competition by listing characteristics that nobody else has. If they standardize - if I can list several comparable products - they'll get SPECIFIED MORE. Getting specified more may or may not lead to getting purchased more. But it would absolutely lead to more exposure.

Imagine a carpet-free world, though. That's what I do when I can't figure out how to spec the stuff. That would get rid of the issue of having to have standardized carpet characteristics, wouldn't it?

Michael Chusid

The manufacturers may not publish the data, but they know the weight of their product. And if they don't know the weight, they know how to test the product.

So simplify your life -- pick the weight you want and let bidders submit their test data to demonstrate compliance.

Dennis Buirge

Having also written umpteenth carpet Sections, which I consider to be one of the more difficult specifications to prepare, your comments are appreciated. As you state, the issue with public bidding of carpet deals with combining aesthetics and construction. My goal is to encourage the ID to make selections of the 3 'equivalent' carpets, by looks and make. When unsuccessful, the issue is most likely resolved during CA. If carpet standardization ever occurs, it will most likely happen the day after I retire.

Girlie Thompson

We all know that one of the goal of business firms is to meet and satisfy the needs of the customers. The purpose of this goal is to maximize the profit. Since satisfying the needs and expectations of the customers are the best things to do, we have to know the specifications and standards which are determined before hand. In carpet making industry, firms first considering how they are going to make a carpet which fits to the specifications and standards given by the customers.

Brooklyn Rocha

Carpet is a visual item. Hence, looking for designs is the first problem in making a carpet. Everything that will turn out when making a carpet is a reflection of a designer's imagination.

Joanne Wooten

When designers have a hard time doing their task, their definitely not loving all the designs that are given to them. That is the worst thing a designer would experience.

Martin Anaya

Thank you for sharing. Didn't know UN has a standardized carpet industry. How do they even do that.

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