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Deborah Corr

Funny, I've always said that I put together "good at math" + "want to be good at art" = "architecture". Even when I excelled at the structural engineering coursework I still resisted switching to an engineering major (proof of obstinance I suppose). I fit all the criteria you've listed above, but have just recently stumbled onto the world of specifications and code consulting. Until now my path led to work as a government architect - sometimes designing cool in-house projects, sometimes managing various consultants on complex projects and sometimes reviewing plans & specs for conformance with regulations. It's been a varied career and I've been able to work on some really interesting stuff that private practice most likely would not have offered. Now I'm ready for something new - wish me luck on the CDT in October!


I started as Navy pilot, now after 20 years, I am embarking on Arch career. Your descriptions are semi accurate for me but I approach but never reach any of your criteria. I guess I am AR, but in denial. I do think that your recommendations to pad the resume and develop marketable skills is on the mark and as an older guy I need all the help I can get.

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