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Liz O'Sullivan

Great post. Thank you. It's taken me a few years, but I finally have trained myself to say "construction contract administration." It's important.

Ron Geren

Liz: I'm glad you liked it. It's an ongoing battle that will take a long time to correct--if it ever will be.

effective ROI

I am searching construction management because I need it to my school project research. Thankful that you posted it in here so everyone can see.

Peter T. Caravousanos, AIA, CCM, LEED AP

Hi, Ron, Great article, i do agree with you. Although something to consider also to support your point,..Architect CA obligations can / do apply during early stages in project development also, (pre-construction) such as administering the contracts of other consultants, I.e: engineers, asbestos, LEED, geotechnical, acoustic, security, etc...therefore I prefer to stick with the term "contract administration", especially for liability reasons and because the term is broad in nature, and is expressly defined by each specific agreement. I'd leave the term construction administration and the like for design builders and CM's.

Peter T. Caravousanos, AIA, CCM, LEED AP
917-797-2821/ [email protected]

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